The right IT job

Are you one of the IT-graduates who are offered a job even before handing in their thesis? Follow our advice to decide how to choose the right job for you.

Do you have multiple job opportunities?

Some graduates have one or more options on hand, even before handing in the thesis. If you are one of the candidates who are in high demand in the job market, you are in a special situation.

How do you choose the right job

You are in an advantageous situation compared to the graduates who spend a while landing their first job. But how do you choose the right job offer?

Everyone must figure out what they would like to do after university. But for you, it is particularly necessary to decide what you wantIf you don’t think about what you dream of in your career and life, you run the risk of others deciding it for you when they offer you a job.

The best thing you can do is to get an overview of your values and your goals for a job and working life. What aspects of your life are important for you to fulfill?

Consider what is important to you in a job. For example:

Professional development

Business travel, stays abroad and international postings

Social / collegial contact and community

Opportunities for promotion


Special work areas/tasks

To work for a bigger cause

Freedom (time/place)

Consider what is important to you outside of a job. For example:

Family life

Time for leisure activities

Transport time

Holidays and travel


Time at home