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IDA is Denmark’s largest interest group and trade union for students inside IT, natural sciences and engineering. We strive to provide you and your fellow students with a strong academic community where you can strengthen your skills. A membership of IDA gives you access to cheap insurance, academic and social events, a beneficial student bank account and plenty of opportunities to build networks.


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IDA can give me everything I can not find or get through my education at the university. Especially I the social experiences.

- Nicolaj, AAU Aalborg

As a student member at IDA, I can get a cheap student insurance, go to cool social events with my friends and get discount on different brands.

- Jonas, DTU Lyngby

IDA has many social events that I have attended with my friends. We have had many fun experiences together!

- Helene, SDU Odense

Being a student member of IDA is really cool! I have been to some of their events, fx. Adobe InDesign, to get better at my studies.

- Mariam, ITU København

I discovered all the benefits of being a member after signing up for my first event.

- Johan, AAU Esbjerg

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Get access to a lot of great membership benefits!

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IDA has Denmark’s cheapest student insurance

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Don’t miss out on IDA’s more than 3,000 professional and social events!

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