How to build a network that creates opportunities

It does not have to be job openings you are chasing on IT-Day. Maybe you come to get inspired, hear exciting presentations, or to learn more about the participating companies.

Make yourself positively noticed

You can also seize the opportunity to make yourself positively noticed, so that in the long run you can be considered for a job. For example, if you still have a few years left of your studies, it is probably not their recently posted UX position that you are looking for. But it may be that you are looking for the same position the next time it becomes vacant.

IT-Day is an obvious opportunity to build a network in your industry and to create openings that are interesting to you, where you are right now.

How to get a foothold in companies

We know that one of the best things you can do for your future job search is to establish partnerships with companies while you are still studying. This can be, for example, by finding a company that you can write a thesis in collaboration with. You might also consider doing an exam project in collaboration with R&D or the development department in a company, or secure yourself an internship for a semester.

Collaborations and internships give you valuable, hands-on work experience that is worth its weight in gold when you apply for your first full-time job.

So if you are still a student, we would recommend that you enter into dialogue with companies on IT-Day to explore opportunities for collaboration right now. Here are some of the things you can do to build networks and create opportunities.

Prepare a short presentation of yourself, in which you tell who you are, what you can do and what your skills can be used for.
Prepare curious questions for the company about the work they do in the various departments, whether they have student assistants and interns employed and whether they have experience with collaborating with thesis students.
If they are interested or your conversation feels positive, ask if you can connect with them on LinkedIn, send them a resume or contact them in a week's time to follow up on your talk.