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More than 30,000 students have already done it…

… They have chosen to become student members of IDA and have gained access to great benefits!


Become a student member

Hello Fellow! 

When you become a student member of IDA, you gain access to more than union benefits. You become part of a community that is growing and shaping the future of Denmark. 

On this page you can keep up with what is happening at your place of study. You will be able to find contact information about the Student Ambassador and you get access to your many benefits!

As a student member you have access to:

  • Cool events organized by IDA’s volunteer teams
  • Professional benefits: Personal feedback on your CV and Cover letter, help finding a student job and internship + lots of other great benefits
  • Cash benefits: Up to 20 % at, 10 %  and last but not least access to Denmark’s cheapest student insurance!


Student members
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Annual events
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Student Ambassador

At VIA Horsens you will be able to find a Student Ambassador who can help you if you have questions about your membership, our events or our other offerings. Take a hold of your Student Ambassador if you want to learn more about how to get the most out of your membership.

Maja Xia Stald Pallesen

Team Coordinator Team VEST.

Ariana-Maria Diaconu

Student Ambassador Team VEST.

Luu Luu Ninh

Student Ambassador Team VEST.