IDA Career Handbook

How do you land an internship, a student assistant position or a full-time job in Denmark?

How do you present your competences and strengths to an employer – and is it necessary to speak Danish?

IDA’s Career Counselling Handbook will help you find relevant answers to these key questions. The booklet contains tools that will facilitate your entry into the Danish labour market. You will get tips and tricks as to how you apply for jobs or internships and learn about the differences that may differentiate job hunting in Denmark from the labour market you are used to back home.

A guide to the Danish labour market

Whether you are looking for a student job, an internship or a full-time position, your CV, your application and the job interview are crucial elements. The guide will explain how you make yourself attractive to a Danish company, and you will be introduced to a large Danish corporation’s view on international candidates.

Download and read the IDA Career Handbook.