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Are you studying for an IT, natural science, or engineering degree?

Then you can become a student member of IDA and gain access to Denmark’s cheapest and best student insurance.

We are confident that we offer the cheapest student insurance on the market. For this reason, we match prices and offer two cinema tickets if you find our student insurance policies cheaper elsewhere. Read about the conditions here.

Are you feeling lucky?

You probably think it will never happen to you. You will never suffer an accident, but the fact is that you cannot predict the future, and therefore you should have an insurance policy that covers unforeseen events.
Home contents insurance: From DKK 0 per month
We know that your budget as a student is tight. This is why we offer a cheap insurance. The insurance covers your personal belongings, e.g. computer, bicycle, smartphone etc. – we also cover your roomie.
Accident insurance: 62 per month
Our accident insurance covers you regardless of whether you are unlucky on the ski slopes or you have an accident in the laboratory.
Travel insurance: 46 per month
Our travel insurance covers you if your luggage is delayed, you become sick or are involved in an accident. And, of course, it also covers your roomie.

Reviews by students

As an actuary, I know that IDA has the cheapest insurance :-)

- Asbjørn, Actuarial Mathematics, University of Copenhagen

I've just bought car. When I was buying car insurance, I discovered that the number of years that I'd been a member of IDA counted as claim-free years. That saved me a couple of thousand DKK. Sweet!

- Mads, electrical engineer, Technical University of Denmark

My telephone was stolen at night, I reported it to IDA Forsikring the next day, and the money was deposited in my account on the same day. Quick and easy.

- Nichlas, Product and Design Psychology, Aalborg University

I've discovered that I can keep my student insurance until I'm 30 years old, even if I graduate before. This saves me a lot of money.

- Emil, food science student, University of Copenhagen

Find answers to all your questions here

Insurance is an agreement in which IDA commits to provide compensation if anything goes wrong. In return, you pay a premium every year.

The insurance policy can cover all kinds of things. Our home contents insurance covers belongings in your home if they break or if there is a burglary. The insurance also covers accidental damage to other people’s belongings, or if your belongings break outside your home.

Travel insurance covers your costs if you get sick while on holiday and you need to be transported back to Denmark, or if you have to be hospitalised at the destination. The insurance also covers you if your holiday is cancelled, and there is an option to cover situations in which you yourself have to cancel your holiday.

Accident insurance insures you against accidents. If you fall and damage your teeth, or your knee is injured during exercise. You can choose the possible level of compensation in the event of an accident, and how “slight” the injury is to be before you have insurance cover.

Find our full range of insurance here.

Find out how much insurance costs by trying our simple insurance calculator.

The price of your insurance depends on several factors. If you have a low excess of DKK 500, for example, which means that you pay the first DKK 500 for a claim before IDA pays the remaining part, the insurance is slightly more expensive than if you choose an excess of DKK 2,000, for example.

The insurance price also depends on the maximum amount you can claim, and whether you want the insurance to cover special circumstances not included in the standard insurance policy.

If you accidentally spill your coffee on your friend’s computer, IDA’s home contents insurance will cover the damage, because it includes third party liability insurance.

Read more about when the third party liability insurance cover applies in IDA’s terms and conditions for family insurance (in Danish), or ask our advisors if you are in doubt.

If you are in doubt as to whether you already have insurance, log on to My page to see whether you are already insured with IDA. At IDA, you cannot see whether you have insurance elsewhere.

We know that money is tight when you are a student, and that there are many other things to spend money on. Therefore, IDA offers Denmark’s cheapest student insurance to our student members.

If your bike gets stolen, several factors determine how much you will receive from your insurance.

First, you must pay the excess that you have chosen.

IDA Forsikring calculates the value of your stolen bike on the basis of the price you paid for it when it was new, and then deducts a percentage write-down for each year.

If you have bought an expensive racing bike or mountain bike, you need to take out additional insurance cover, as there is a maximum on how much your home contents insurance can cover for a bike.

If, as an IDA member, you take out home contents insurance, the insurance will cover both you and your partner.

However, many students share a house/flat, and if you live together with other people, the home contents insurance will cover you and up to two other people in your household.