Videos – First job

Get clear and useful information about everything you need to know when you start your first job.

Working in Denmark
What can IDA do for you?
Navigating Danish workplace culture
Before you start
The days leading up to your new job
How to choose between two jobs
Private sector employment
Public sector employment
A good start
First week at your new job
First meeting with your manager
How to create structure in your workday
Working life
You´ve landed your first job: What´s next?
What career options and paths are available?
How to approach MUS
Track your own job development
What is your good work life?
Salary negotiations
Salary negotiations – annual
How and when to negotiate your salary when you are in your first job
The employment contract
Know your rights: Collective agreements
Know your rights: Working hours
Know your rights: Vacation
Know your rights: Sick days and procedures
Know your rights: If you are terminated
Know your rights – Parental leave
Competence development
How to implement what you´ve learnt
How to ask your manager for training
How to develop competencies without a course
What is competence development?
Why competence development is important in the start of your working life
Your manager
Why feedback is important and how to ask for it
What you can use your manager for
What you can use your manager for
Get started with informal leadership
How to practice self-management
Project management
What are the most important project management skills?
Project manager as a career path
What is project management?
How to handle doubt in your first job
Professional relationships
Why professional relationships are important
Keep your network warm
How to handle a difficult relationship with your colleague
How to build good relationships at your new job
Har du brug for sparring til næste skridt i jobsøgning eller karrieren?