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Get help to find out what you’re worth, whether your employment contract is as it should be, and what rights you have as a new graduate.

Have someone read through your contract before you sign it

Calculate your salary, see IDA's indicative minimum salary, learn more about how to prepare for your first salary negotiation, and get your contract read through by IDA’s legal advisors.

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The best advice from IDA's legal advisors

It’s always a good idea to send us your contract for review. We can give you a professional assessment of your employment conditions and your salary and put you in a better position in upcoming negotiations with your employer.

- Fadime Uysal, legal advisor

How you influence your salary doesn’t depend on what happens on the day of your pay negotiation, but it is the result of your performance all year round.

- Kamilla Mortensen, legal advisor

It’s best to have a few specific arguments rather than many broader arguments. This will reduce the likelihood that your manager refuses your pay increase on the grounds of your weakest argument.

- Fadime Uysal, legal advisor

During your salary negotiation, focus on the results you’ve achieved and on what you contribute to the company.

- Nana Elager-Sørensen, legal advisor

IDA's indicative minimum wage for students

The indicative hourly wage includes pension and is intended for students in a technical-scientific study-relevant job in 2020. The salaries shown are for bachelor and master students: