About IDA

The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA - a modern professional association for technical, IT and natural sciences professionals.

What is IDA?

IDA is Denmark’s largest interest group and trade union for students inside IT, natural sciences, and engineering. More than 38,000 students are already members of IDA. During your studies and when you are looking for your first full-time job, we strive to provide you and your fellow students with a strong academic community where you can strengthen your skills. When you graduate, IDA can assist you with professional counselling and advice to ensure you get a good start in your future job.

Read more about what IDA can do for you after you finish your studies.


en mosaik af mennesker der studerer


To become a student member, you must be in the process of taking an engineering-, IT, or natural science degree. The first year of your membership is free.

When you have been a member of IDA for a year, you will be charged DKK 120 every six months (in October and April). You can sign up for an automatic payment service (PBS) to make your membership payments more manageable.

Sign up for automatic payment service.

The form is in Danish, so we have made a guide for you of all the input fields: Guide to Betalingsservice

Have you already signed up for automatic payment of your student membership? If not, sign up now and avoid the hassle of paying bills manually.

Your student membership is free within the first year (for members who joined in after 02.03.2017, the first 12 months are free). After that, it will cost DKK 20 per month. Twice a year, you will receive a charge of DKK 120 for 6 months of membership. You can now sign up for an automatic payment service here.

Sign up for an automatic payment service

If you want to cancel your membership, you should know that you are always welcome to join IDA again later.

You can cancel your membership here

IDA must know your study’s expected end date, so we always charge you the right membership. The information about your place of study is also essential, so you receive invitations to events at your university.

See your profile and update your information here

When you complete your studies, your membership in IDA will continue. You must update your employment status on your profile. If you are unemployed, you will get a discount on your membership fee.

If you are a member of Akademikernes A-kasse, you can automatically consent to IDA receiving information about your employment status. Consent is given via www.aka.dk under Forms – Other forms – unemployment information to IDA.