Get help with your contract and salary

Do you know if your employment conditions and contract are up to par? Have you experienced disagreements between you and your employer? Let IDA's legal team help you
Get support from IDA

As a student member of IDA, you have access to help and counselling regarding your conditions and rights in your student job – whether the job is irrelevant to your studies or not.


IDAs legal counsselors are ready to talk to you. Among other things, they offer advice on:

Hjælp til kontrakt og løn

Salary negotiation

Get help finding out what your work is worth, how you prepare for the first salary negotiation, and how to approach the negotiation.

Employment contract

You should ask IDA to check your employment contract before you sign it. By doing so, you give yourself the best possible starting point to ensure you have the right conditions and the salary you are worth.


If you are going on parental leave, if there is a problem getting paid from your student job, or if you should be so unlucky to get a dismissal, we can help you get to know your rights - whether your student job is relevant or not.

Indicative minimal salary for students

The indicative hourly salary is including cand calculated for studetns in a technical-natural science relevant student job in 2019.

Indicated minimum salary students