Personal career counselling

Get help to identify your competences, get feedback on your CV and cover letter or advice on how to best prepare for a job interview.

Get feedback

Competences are the cornerstone of your job search. Give us a ring if you need advice on how to identify your competences. It’s a good idea to complete our competence profile before you call us.
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We can help you understand why and how to research a potential position and employer before you apply for a job. Read more here or give us a ring.
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Your CV and cover letter
A CV is mandatory when you’re looking for a job. We’ll provide feedback on your CV and cover letter if you send them to us. Read more about how to write a good CV.
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The job interview
Do you have a job interview in the next few days? Give us a ring and let us help you prepare and improve your chances of getting the job.
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How we can help you

Whether you are searching for a job or starting a new job we offer you personalized and professional counselling. Send us your CV and cover letter or give us a call at: 33 18 48 48.

Ask the right people

You probably get a lot of well-meaning advice. But what about asking the right people instead? Catch IDA's career advisors on +45 33 18 48 48. They are ready to help you further - whether it be about finding a student job, job search or doubts in your first job.

What other students say

I am very glad to tell you that I’ve got a job using the CV and cover letter that we fixed together. I am soon going to be a process automation engineer at NNE, which is my first full-time job in Denmark.

- Yuqi, civilingeniør, AAU

I was incredibly happy for your help as we talked on the phone together and I highly recommend IDA's career counseling to others. So far, the job search is going great. I've been called to a job interview!

- Julie, fødevarer og ernæring, KU

It is thanks to you and only you that I got this position. Thanks a lot for your help with my resume and application.

- Akbar, diplomingeniør, DTU Ballerup