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Is your employment contract as it should be? Will you be paid what you’re worth? How do you best go about negotiating your pay?

Have your contract read through

What you can use us for

As a student member of IDA, we can help and advise to secure your conditions and rights in a student job, regardless of whether or not your work is relevant for your studies. We’re ready to talk to you about almost anything relating to your pay and conditions. Send us your contract, or call us on +45 38 18 48 48.

Salary negotiation
Get help to find out what you’re worth, how to prepare for your first salary negotiation, and how to approach the negotiation itself.
It’s always a good idea to let us read through your employment contract before you sign. This will give you the best possible outset for the right conditions and the right pay.
If you're going on maternity/paternity leave, if you're not paid your salary, or if you should be unfortunate enough to be laid off, we can help you find out about your rights.

Ask the rights ones

You’re sure to get all sorts of well-meant advice, but what about asking at the right place instead? Get hold of IDA's legal advisors on + 45 33 18 48 48. They’re ready to help you with everything from preparing for your salary negotiations, to employment conditions, holiday, sickness and redundancy.

What other students say

You dealt with everything very professionally, and I’d definitely recommend you to anyone with a similar problem.

- Student

Excellent service! You really got things moving – well done!

- Student

Thanks Fadime! Nice to know what your rights are..

- Student