Have a cup of coffee with an experienced IDA member

Do you feel like you are stuck in your job search and need new ways to look? New graduates are always told to use their network. But how do you do it? How about drinking a cup of virtual coffee with an experienced IDA member who can guide you on the right path.


What can you expect?

The coffee meeting is only for our newly graduated unemployed members.

Let’s get straight to the point. The idea of the coffee meeting is not that the experienced IDA member has a job ready for you. Instead, you can use it to gather information, inspiration and perhaps new contacts who can take you further in your job search and broaden it. The coffee meeting is basically an opportunity to create new opportunities for yourself and learn from talking to others who have been in your position, e.g. about your own job search process, insight into a particular industry or how others have done at the beginning of their working life.

If you register for the coffee meeting, we will match you for one online coffee meeting with an experienced IDA member who has knowledge of the field or industry you are looking for a job in. It is therefore not a long-term process.


Sign up for the coffee meeting
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What is expected of you?

When you are matched with an experienced member, you are expected to be the proactive one. You establish contact, send proposals for meeting times and prepare for the meeting.

As part of the offer, you will receive a number of tips & tricks that you can use in your preparation. It includes, among other things, good advice for networking and questions that you can ask.


How do you sign up and what is the process like?

Register by filling out the form in the link. You will receive a confirmation, which will also state when the next round starts – and when you will therefore hear from us. We run three rounds per year: in February, May and October. If we find a good match, you will receive a match email where you are introduced to each other. Here you are asked to contact the experienced member and arrange a coffee meeting.

We will only match you if we can find a match who fits your professional profile well. If we cannot find a good match, you will also be informed by email. As mentioned, it is a requirement that you are newly qualified and free to participate in the project. We consider you a recent graduate if it has been less than two years since you completed your education.

We hope that you have the time and desire to meet for a virtual cup of coffee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Emilie Lindquist on mail eml@ida.dk or telephone number 33189758.

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