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The CV

Your CV has one single purpose: To get you an interview. A good CV is imperative when applying for your first job. Therefore, it is important that your CV is sharp and tailored to the job for which you are applying.

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How to write a good CV

As a recent graduate, you CV may seem a little scanty as far as work experience goes. Obviously, you will not have year-long employments behind you if you are young and you have been concentrating on your studies. Employers are aware of this. A company that wants to hire a young graduate knows that the CV will not contain much work experience. Therefore, you should describe your education at the beginning of your CV. It is typically knowledge gained through your studies that makes you an interesting candidate.

It is a good idea to demonstrate your technical knowledge by describing your thesis as well as relevant subjects and projects from your degree. Many people get their first job because of their thesis.

Did you know?

Source: Excerpts from ‘Recruitment Analysis’ for 2017 and 2018, Ballisager consultancy firm:


of the companies read the CV first


of the companies read the CV first


of the companies usually read the profile text in a CV

The CV has no fixed answers

There are no fixed answers to what a CV should look like, and you can set it up in many different ways. A very popular method is to build a CV that starts out by focusing on the competences you can offer the company, then proceeding on to describe your education and work experience chronologically.

Quick initial selection

The people assessing your CV only have very little time to sort through the many applications they often receive. Therefore, the company will check whether the CV matches the profile they have in mind, professionally as well as personally.

Typically, they will be looking for a short profile text fully describing your competences. The profile text should be a short summary of what you think you can contribute to the company. The reader should be able to gain a quick overview of what you are good at, so it is important that you carefully select what you want to write in your profile text to tailor it to the position.

Increase your chances of being called for a job interview. Let me read through your resume before sending it.

- Sanne Mattebjerg

What is most important?

When asked about their assesment of applicant CVs, the vast majority of both private and public companies reported that relevant examples of professional and personal competences are given higher priority on a CV that specific results.

This means that if the job involves tasks with which you have no experience, but which you have the competences to take on, you should mention these too.

The best advices from IDA's career counsellors

Always tailor your CV to the position.

- Sanne Mattebjerg

Tell the most important information first. Remember to come straight to the point and make the employer want to read on.

- Majbrit Ølgaard

Be precise, relevant and brief. Your CV should not be longer than 2 pages.

- Sanne Mattebjerg

Guide your reader through your CV with an easy-to-read layout - and preferably with bullets.

- Majbrit Ølgaard

Always insert a head shot photo in your CV

- Sanne Mattebjerg