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Personal career advice

This page provides advice on how to clarify your competences, explains why and how you should phone companies before you apply for a job with them and, of course, how to write a sharp CV, a tailored application, and how to approach unsolicited job search.

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The best advices from IDA's career counsellors

Find out what you can do and what you want to sell; i.e. whay professional competences you have to offer

- Majbrit Ølgaard

Organise your job search systematically. How much time do you want to spend on your job search? Plan what to do and when to do it, set goals, evaluate and adjust

- Sanne Mattebjerg

Use your network to gather information, so that you can send unsolicited as well as solicited applications. A person looking for a fulltime job should send 8-10 CVs per week.

- Majbrit Ølgaard

Be patient, curious and talk to other jobseekers about ups and downs. They will recognise them and be able to support you

- Sanne Mattebjerg

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The employers' best job-search advice for recent graduates

Source: Excerpts from ‘Recruitment Analysis 2018’, Ballisager consultancy firm.


Explain what your academic competences can be used for


Avoid academic communication in your application and CV


Send unsolicited applications to companies