Banking advantages for student members

IDAs partnership with Lån & Spar ensures that your student membership includes the best banking advantages such as beneficial rates and discounts on services.

Lån & Spar has tailor-made an account especially for you as a student. You get the best interest rates on both your cash credit and bank account. In addition, most of the fees have been waived, such as the fee on Visa/Dankort and cash withdrawal in all cash machines in Denmark.

Lån og Spar bank
You get:
  • a high interest on your student account up to DKK 20,000
  • free Visa/Dankort and Mastercard – with the same pin code
  • free cash withdrawal at all cashpoints in Denmark
  • free money transfer and payment of bills via net banking
  • a personal advisor who knows what it’s like to be a student

Terms for a student account

To be eligble for at student account, the following terms are to be met.

You are a member of IDA and consolidate all your personal finances at Lån & Spar. You earn 5% interest on up to DKK 20,000 – then 1%. You will get your student bank account based on an ordinary credit assessment. You can keep your student bank account for up to 3 years after graduation. All interest rates are variable and applicable from 13 June 2023. Please note that all documents in Lån & Spar are in Danish.

You can read more about what it takes to open up a student bank account in English here: “How to open at student bank account”

NB: The information about student accounts on Lån & Spar´s student site is in Danish.
Read more at L&S Student account

For more detailed information please call Lån & Spar bank directly at +45 33 78 19 50.